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Updated Prayer Requests 6-28-21

Paul Stewart – recovery from hip surgery yesterday

Elora Buterbaugh – recovery from a snake bite Saturday evening

Sue Hill, Kelly Hill’s mom – health issues

Terry Wrisley – cataract surgery Wednesday, June 30th

Lori Courchesne’s mom – health issues

Greg Quinn’s dad, Greg, Sr – health issues

Ben (Denise) Goodson – health issues

Pat (Earl) Law – recovery from knee replacement surgery

Michele Johnson – health issues

Janet Sunderman – health issues

Hannah Pierce – health issues

Judy Courchesne – health issues

Dustin Goodson – health issues

Pat Green – health issues with her Knee/leg

Parker Bailey – monthly chemo treatments

Brian Myers sister, Amy – cancer and chemo treatments

Hannah Hazelwood’s grandfather, Danny Hazelwood – treatments for lymphoma Our Zambia Church ministry

Our Country

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