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FBC Upcoming Events & Prayer Needs 5-10-2024


2024 Graduates

Do you have a child graduating from either high school or college this year? We’d love to know so we can plan to honor them on Sunday, June 2nd. Click here to sign them up in Church Center. We will follow up with you soon with more details.

Election Use

FBC will be used as an election facility for Davie County residents on Tuesday, May 14th.

Adult Bible Study

This Wednesday, May 15th will be the final Adult Bible Study for the summer. All Wednesday activities will resume in September.

Awana Celebration Night

This Wednesday, May 15th will be a super fun night to celebrate another fabulous Awana year! Don't forget that the Awards Ceremony and final night of Awana is Wednesday, May 22nd

Elders Meeting, Thursday, May 16th, 7pm

T&T End of Year Party

T&T clubbers, come out to celebrate the end of another great Awana year! The party will be from 6:30 pm-9:30 pm on Friday, May 17th, in building C. Dinner will be provided.

Please click here to sign your child up so the leaders will know how many to prepare for.

Food Pantry - If you know of someone in need of food, please contact Robin Quinn at or (336) 422-7272

We are always accepting food and monetary donations!

Prayer Needs


On-Going …

Our Country

Our Military

Pastor, Phillip Brande, and his family

Associate Pastor, Seth Parnell, and his family

Pastoral Assistant, Greyson Snyder

Our church Elders, Deacons, and their families

Children/Youth ministries

FBC Supported Missions ...

Michael Sikaonga, FBC Zambia

Raju, Life Givers India

Chad & Ashley Harwell, Word of Life

David & Liz Roach, Awana

Steven & Cindy Jobert, Taiwan

Hope Community Church, as we continue to partner with them to revitalize their church and grow their membership

South Yadkin Baptist Association

Baptist State Convention of NC

Individual Prayer Needs …

Lori Courchesne’s mother, Myrna Miller – heart issues and brother, Brian Wrisley – Parkinson’s

Dustin Goodson – health issues

Allison Gupton’s grandmother – vascular dementia

Greg Quinn's mother, Pauline - stage 4 lung cancer

Sheila Blanton - cancer

Burt Bond from Vulcan – stage 4 cancer

Penny Bell – Stage 5 kidney disease

Megan Melton's mom, Susan - kidney issues

Amanda Seaford’s mom, Jeanette Jewell – cancer

Skip & Sheila Taylor - Skip, throat cancer - Sheila, cancer

Jaclyn Hursery - health issues

Melissa Wilmoth - cancer/health issues

Angie Wooten - cancer

Larry Isom - cancer

Jeff Lagle - heart issues

Mary Siebert - cancer

Cathy Dinghan - cancer

Colby Hargraves - cancer

Caroline Stolz - cancer

Ronald Hamilton's brother, Rocky - heart issues

Yvonne (Wes) Holcomb's brother, Matt McKnight - pancreatic cancer

Andy Hamilton's father, Ronald - heart issues

Karen Cook's aunt, Alma Rae Tucciarone - congestive heart failure

Coleen's brother-in-law, Jim - leukemia

Coleen's sister, Christine - health issues

Whitney Short's nephew, Ralphy George. He is 2 years old and was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. 

Sherry Anglin - in severe pain from a recent operation

Nicole Brande - continued recovery from surgery

Aldene Jones - recovering from surgery on Monday, April 29th

Continue to pray for Phillip's family after the passing of his dad on Friday, May 3rd

Brenham Robbins, son of Travis & Katie Robbins - recovery from surgery on May 6th

Lauren Phipps - at home recovering from surgery on Friday, May 3rd

If you have a Prayer Request, please email us at 


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