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Our Vision

Imagine a church you do not merely pass by on the way to work, the store, or the race track, wondering what they are all about. Imagine a church that cares for its community enough to come to them; to serve them; and to love them as Christ loved the world.

Imagine a church that invests in children, middle schoolers, and teenagers. Imagine a church where children come and are not just babysat…but taught, in age-appropriate ways, the truth of Scripture, by workers who are dedicated to investing in their lives. Picture these same children, 10 to 20 years from now, entering into society as grounded young adults, anchored in the truth of their Creator, prepared to live a life of value. What would that do to the temperature of the culture in which they lived, worked, and raised their families?

Imagine a church that impacts its community - helping those in need and showing the love of Christ. A church that is serious about learning truth; living the Resurrected Life and achieving the things Christ wanted it to achieve. A church where hurts are healed, strong relationships are forged, and souls are saved. Finally, imagine a community drawn to the church because of a genuine display of love and compassion for their neighbors.

What if God’s people decided to allow Christ to work through them...going out and allowing Him to use their hands and feet? How would that impact our culture? Would our children, our community, our culture look different 10, 20, even 30 years from now?

We think so. That’s why Farmington is striving to be a church that Christ uses to ignite a movement within our children, community and culture.

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