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Weekly Prayer Requests 3-01-2021

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Prayer Requests:

Jennifer Allen - passing of her grandfather

Liam - 8 years old with Downs Syndrome who had an allergic reaction to meds after recent surgery

Mike Chamberlain – in ICU at Baptist (please be in prayer also for his children)

Mandy Bailey – chemo treatments

Steve Gilliland – cancer & treatments

Parker Bailey – monthly chemo treatments

Brian Myers' sister, Amy – cancer and chemo treatments

Debbie Seats – pray for recovery from Bell’s palsy

Shelby Gregory – health issues

Allison Gupton’s grandma in Ohio – health issues

Jimmy Phipps – health condition

Dustin Goodson – health complications from the surgery

Police Officer in Kernersville that was shot.

Ben Goodson – health issues. Praise he is home from the hospital.

Our Country

Our Nurses and Doctors

“New” AWANA volunteers – Puggles, Cubbies and Sparks

Praise! We had two families join us this past Sunday, Steve & Diane Gilliland, and the Clark Family, Dale, Lori & Cameron. Welcome to FBC! We are looking forward to serving in ministry with each of you.

If you have a Prayer Request, please email us at


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