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Updated Prayer Requests (7/19/21):

Daniel Goins’ family. Daniel’s dad will lie in state tomorrow, Tuesday, July 20th, between 4-5pm at Gentry Funeral Home in East Bend with the funeral starting at 5pm. Pastor Phillip’s dad fell and cracked his rib. Joyce Gardner’s nephew, Dennis – in the hospital with pneumonia in Virginia Teresa Mitchell’s mother – recovering from a fall last week Magan Carter - outpatient surgery on July 27th Ashlyn (Will) Berrier – Due with their first child on August 3rd Joyce Gardner’s sister, Sylvia – health issues Ms. Terry Wrisley – complications from cataract surgery Megan Meltons’s grandfather – recovering from a stoke Megan Melton’s mom – health issues Freddie Robinson’s dad, Fred – progression of Parkinson’s Sue Hill, Kelly Hill’s mom – chemo treatments Paul Stewart – recovery from hip/femur surgery Lori Courchesne’s mom – health issues Greg Quinn’s dad, Greg, Sr – health issues Hannah Pierce – health issues Judy Courchesne – health issues Dustin Goodson – health issues Parker Bailey – monthly chemo treatments Brian Myers sister, Amy – cancer and chemo treatments Hannah Hazelwood’s grandfather, Danny Hazelwood – treatments for lymphoma Our Zambia Church ministry – construction of the church building Our Country If you have a Prayer Request, please email us at


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