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Updated Prayer Request

Prayer Requests:


Thomas Seaford's father is in the hospital with heart issues.

Mitzie Rogers' cousin passed away this morning.

Steve (Diane) Gilliand's mother's funeral is this Sunday August 1st. She passed away unexpectedly Thursday morning.

From Yesterday...

Our Country

Pastor Phillip and his family

Associate Pastor Seth Parnell and his family

Pastoral Intern, Jonathan Edwards

Our church Elders & Deacons & their families

Kid’s Worship – spiritual growth

Our Zambia Church ministry

Paul Stewart – recovery from surgery

Hannah Hazelwood’s grandfather, Danny Hazelwood- treatments for lymphoma Zachary Ausel (5yr old) & his parents - cancer

Parker Bailey – monthly chemo treatments

Brian Myers sister, Amy – cancer

Myrna Miller (Lori Courchesne’s mom) – health issues

Judy Courchesne – health issues

Dustin Goodson – health issues

Ms. Terry Wrisley – complications from cataract surgery

Magan Carter - a speedy recovery from her surgery on the 27th

Joyce Gardner’s nephew, Dennis – he is home but very weak

Freddie Robinson’s dad, Fred – progression of Parkinson’s

Sue Hill, Kelly Hill’s mom – chemo treatments

Michael Chamberlain – muscle strengthening

Ashlyn (Will) Berrier – Due with their first child on August 3rd

Pastor Phillip’s dad fell and cracked his rib.

Carole Hutton, Patrick Hutton’s mom – fell Tuesday and broke her hip

Steve (Diane) Gilliland’s family. Steve’s mother passed away unexpectedly today.


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