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Summer Spectacular 2023 Volunteer Descriptions

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Are you interested in volunteering for Summer Spectacular, or Summer Spec as we like to call it, but you just aren't sure what each position entails? Here is a brief description of each area where we still need help:

Concession Coordinator - will coordinate not only your concession (snack) team, but work with them to plan/prepare what snacks are given out each night.

Box Office Staff - assists with registration and parent pick-up

Security Manager - coordinate and oversee the security team to provide a safe & caring environment

Security Bouncers - work with the security manager to keep the campus safe for everyone

Preschool Coordinator/Producer - Coordinate your team, produce the show/skits/song hand motions, oversee set construction, be sure everyone is in place and have what they need

Preschool Director - Direct/oversee the preschool show portion of the night

Preschool Actors - will be involved in the preparation and execution of the preschool show

Preschool Stars - will oversee the classroom experience in both teaching & lesson experience. Your lessons/activities will be created for you. All you have to do is prepare to teach and make the lesson fun & interactive for the children.

Preschool Tour Guides - escort & help the kids with each nights activities (no teaching)

K-5th/School Age Tour Guides - escort a group of kids to each night's activities (no teaching)

Preschool Tech Crew - run sound and video for the preschool show

Set Construction Crew - attend our Wednesday Work Nights to participate in set construction, set-up, and tear down

How can I sign up to volunteer? You can click here to sign up online or grab a Summer Spec volunteer card in the lobby and drop it in the box by the front doors.

If you'd like more information, please feel free to contact us:

Katie Johnson -

Ashley Harwell -

Church phone - (336) 998-3826


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