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Summer Spectacular 2024 Volunteer Descriptions

Updated: Jul 11

Are you interested in volunteering for Summer Spectacular, or Summer Spec as we like to call it, but you just aren't sure what each position entails? Here is a brief description of each area where we still need help:

Concessions Coordinator - will coordinate not only your concession (snack) team, but work with them to plan/prepare what snacks are given out each night.

Concessions Crew - help prepare/serve snacks nightly for the kids

Box Office Staff - assists with registration and parent pick-up

Security Manager - coordinate and oversee the security team to provide a safe & caring environment

Security Bouncers - work with the security manager to keep the campus safe for everyone

Preschool Coordinator/Producer - Coordinate your team, produce the show/skits/song hand motions, oversee set construction, be sure everyone is in place and have what they need

Preschool Director - Direct/oversee the preschool show portion of the night

Preschool Actors - will be involved in the preparation and execution of the preschool show

Preschool Stars - will oversee the classroom experience in both teaching & lesson experience. Your lessons/activities will be created for you. All you have to do is prepare to teach and make the lesson fun & interactive for the children.

Preschool Tour Guides - escort & help the kids with each nights activities (no teaching)

K-5th/School Age Tour Guides - escort a group of kids to each night's activities (no teaching)

Preschool Tech Crew - run sound and video for the preschool show

Set Construction Crew - attend our Wednesday Work Nights to participate in set construction, set-up, and tear down

How can I sign up to volunteer? You can click here to sign up online or grab a Summer Spec volunteer card in the lobby and drop it in the box by the front doors.

If you'd like more information, please feel free to contact us:

Katie Johnson -

Ashley Harwell -

Church phone - (336) 998-3826


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