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FBC Updated Prayer Requests 1-10-2022

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

New ...

Keith Miller - father passed away on Monday

Mandy Bailey - recovering from surgery Pat Laws – receiving a shot in her back this Friday, the 14th Janet Sunderman – the flu Sherri (Caleb) Wooten – safe delivery of their little boy that is due withing the next couple of weeks Volunteers to help with Children (Infant-Preschool), Kids Worship, Tech/Sound Booth, Security and Children’s Check-In.

On-Going ... Our Country Our Military Pastor Phillip and his family Associate Pastor Seth Parnell & his family

Our church Elders, Deacons & their families

Kid’s Worship – spiritual growth and salvations

AWANA – spiritual growth and salvations

FUEL – spiritual growth and salvations Our Zambia Church ministry

Individual Prayer Needs ... Hannah Hazelwood’s grandfather, Danny Hazelwood- treatments for lymphoma

Parker Bailey – monthly monitoring Brian Myer’s sister, Amy – cancer and on-going treatment Freddie Robinson’s dad, Fred – progression of Parkinson’s Sue Hill, Kelly Hill’s mom – chemo treatments for stage 4 cancer Ashton Conner’s Grandmother - leukemia Karen Courchesne-Fehr – cancer Pauline Quinn, Greg Quinn’s mom – Stage 4 lung cancer & chemo treatments

Steve Ellis – health issues Carl Stolz – health issues Allison Gupton’s grandmother – health issues Dustin Goodson – on-going health issues


Parker Bailey has received his final treatment!!

If you have a Prayer Request, please email us at


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