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FBC Upcoming Events & Prayer Needs 5-18-2023


Elder's Meeting, tonight at 7pm

Wrapping It Up! - As summer approaches, our regular Wednesday night activities will wrap up until we kick off again in September. The last night for Adult Bible Study was last night, May 17th. FUEL and Awana both wrap up on May 24th - FUEL will have their Fun Night and Awana will have an Awards Night.

FUEL Hangouts - FUEL students, this is your time to chill with friends, play games and enjoy some free food. We’ll supply everything, so all you have to bring is yourself and enjoy a good time. Middle School hangout is tomorrow, May 19th, 6-8pm. High School hangout is Saturday, May 20th, 5-8pm.

Here are the links to sign up:

Men's Prayer Breakfast, this Saturday, May 20th at 8:30 am.

Meet in building C at 8:30 for a time of food, fellowship and prayer. Men, you are always encouraged to bring your sons!

Honor Our Graduates - this Sunday, May 21st, we will be honoring our 2023 high school & college graduates in each service. After the 9:30 service, each graduate will be under the portico. Please spend time encouraging each student and congratulating them for this special accomplishment. Coffee and doughnuts will be provided as well!

Child Dedication signups - During the service on Sunday, June 18th, there will be a time for child dedications. If you would like your child to be a part of this special service, please sign up here. You can also fill out a Communication Card located in the front lobby.

Prayer Needs:

New …

Kendrick Fruits’ grandmother passed away on Tuesday morning

On-Going …

Our Country

Our Military

Pastor Phillip and his family

Associate Pastor Seth Parnell and his family

Intern, Greyson Snyder

Our church Elders, Deacons, and their families

Kid’s Worship – spiritual growth and salvations

AWANA – spiritual growth and salvations

FUEL – spiritual growth and salvations

Our Zambia Church ministry – growth and salvations

Welcome Baptist Church, Phase 2 - Pray for a full-time pastor, growth, and needed renovations

Individual Prayer Needs …

Lori Courchesne’s family members: sister-in-law, Karen Courchesne-Fehr- cancer; mother, Myrna Miller – heart issues and brother, Brian Wrisley – Parkinson’s

Jessica Draper – cancer treatments

Doug Ivestor – lung cancer

Amanda Seaford’s mom, Jeanette Jewell – cancer and chemo treatments

Dustin Goodson – health issues

Brian Myers’ sister – health issues

Yvonne (Wes) Holcomb - her brother, Matt McKnight - pancreatic cancer

Jaclyn Hursey – Cancer

Mr. Bond from Vulcan – cancer

Pam Messick- health issues

Hannah Hazelwood - in Spain to assist local missionaries

Melissa Wilmoth - cancer

Penny Bell – Stage 5 kidney disease. Pray she will regain her eyesight so she can read.

Carrie Ratledge's brother, Josh - health issues

Ron & Vickie Hamilton - health issues

Allison Gupton’s grandmother – vascular dementia

Lindsey Hunter's father, Sam Rule - bladder cancer - he's half way through his chemo treatments and doing well.

Katie Johnson's brother, Keith - continued recovery from radiation treatments

Josh Gupton’s step-grandmother Mary Lou who has dementia, cancer and other health issues.

Janet Sunderman's sister-in-law, Kathy (Jon's sister) - recovery from open heart surgery

Barbie Bailey - cancer - finished her treatments and will have a scan soon as a follow up

Linda Holcomb - blood clots in her lungs

Greg Quinn's mother, Pauline - stage 4 lung cancer - her health is still declining, however she isn't currently in pain. Praising God for that! Continue to pray for her and her husband, Greg as they continue through this cancer journey.

Cindy Johnson (Welcome Baptist Church) - recovery from surgery for early stage breast cancer.

Lori Courchesne's neighbor, Mary Siebert - cancer

Mandy Bailey's father, Dale Naylor - in ICU battling several serious medical issues

Nancy Teague - recovery from a procedure to remove a lump.

Joy Stewart - recovering from surgery

Praise!! Karen Cook is no longer in a boot from her broken ankle.

If you have a Prayer Request, please email us at


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