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FBC Upcoming Events & Prayer Needs 3-16-2023


FUEL Hangouts - both hangouts are from 5-8 at the church with food, hanging out with friends and playing Among Us. Middle School is on Friday, 3/17...High School is on Saturday, 3/18.

Ladies Prayer & Fellowship, this Saturday, 3/18, 9am in building C - Come for a time of prayer at 9:00, then stick around afterwards for waffles and fellowship. Food, coffee, and childcare are all provided so come on out and spend some time with other ladies in our church family. We continue to see new faces each month and can't wait to see more!

Easter Egg Hunt Candy Collection is still going on through April 2nd. We still need lots of small candy that can fit in a plastic chocolate please as it can melt in the sun. The Candy Drop-off is located in the front lobby.

We also still needs volunteers to help with the egg hunt on Saturday, April 8th at 10:30 am. We have lots of egg stuffers/hiders, so at this point our biggest needs are guides and food team. Let us know how you can help by signing up here or fill out a Volunteer Card located in the lobby.

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering continues through the end of March. The offering is intended to assist in home missions, church planting and other ministries. This year, all monies collected will go to continue to revitalization of Welcome Baptist Church in Statesville, NC. You can find missions envelopes in the lobby and Worship Center. Also, online givers, you can select Annie Armstrong as you give as well.

In conjunction with the offering, the Week of Prayer begins on Monday, March 20th. Each day has a specific need of prayer for Welcome Baptist Church. Handouts will be passed out on Sunday morning as you enter. We will also send out a text each day with that day's prayer need.

2nd Easter Egg Hunt Planning Meeting - Tuesday, March 21st at 6:30 pm. This meeting will be for coordinators and anyone else interested in helping to plan the egg hunt for our preschoolers.

Elder's Meeting, Tuesday, March 21st at 7:00 pm.

Deacon's Meeting, Thursday, March 23rd at 7:00 pm.

New …

Allison Hardin - surgery this morning - went well - she is in a room recovering now

Katie Johnson's brother, Keith - in the hospital - a feeding tube will be inserted today to attempt to give him much needed nutrients that he lost as a result of radiation treatments

On-Going …

Our Country

Our Military

Pastor Phillip and his family

Associate Pastor Seth Parnell and his family

Intern, Greyson Snyder

Our church Elders, Deacons, and their families

Kid’s Worship – spiritual growth and salvations

AWANA – spiritual growth and salvations

FUEL – spiritual growth and salvations

Our Zambia Church ministry – growth and salvations

Welcome Baptist Church, Phase 2 - Pray for a full-time pastor, growth, and needed renovations

Individual Prayer Needs …

Lori Courchesne’s family members: sister-in-law, Karen Courchesne-Fehr- cancer; mother, Myrna Miller – heart issues and brother, Brian Wrisley – Parkinson’s

Josh Gupton’s step-grandmother Mary Lou who has dementia, cancer and other health issues

Kendrick Fruits’ grandmother – on-going health issues

Jessica Draper – cancer treatments

Doug Ivestor – lung cancer

Amanda Seaford’s mom, Jeanette Jewell – cancer and chemo treatments

Dustin Goodson – health issues

Brian Myers’ sister – health issues

Greg Quinn's mother, Pauline - stage 4 lung cancer/treatments. Pauline is currently dealing with redness/swelling in her legs.

Pat Law – sciatica issues

Yvonne (Wes) Holcomb - her brother, Matt McKnight - pancreatic cancer

Jaclyn Hursey – Cancer

Mr. Bond from Vulcan – cancer

Pam Messick- health issues

Hannah Hazelwood - in Spain to assist local missionaries through July

Cindy Martin - Rare form of a cancer in her muscles

Melissa Wilmoth - cancer

Penny Bell – Stage 5 kidney disease. Pray she will regain her eyesight so she can read.

Ron Marion - health issues

Donald Sacco (Vicky Stolz's cousin) - cancer

Rhonda Robinson - recovery from knee replacement surgery on Feb. 6th

Jim Coy's niece, Isabelle Coy, (16) was diagnosed w/leukemia

Katie Robbins - health issues

Brooke Lowder's dad, Terry - continuing health issues

Carrie Ratledge's brother, Josh - health issues

Ron & Vickie Hamilton - health issues

Shelby Sterchi - recovery from previous procedures/operations

Karen Cook - recovery from surgery for her broken ankle

Allison Gupton’s grandmother – fell recently and broke her arm

Sheets family - Loretta's (Raymond Bowles' sister) husband passed away 2 weeks ago. Her husband's brother just passed around Thanksgiving and her father-in-law passed last week. Pray as they have been through a lot in a short amount of time.

Lindsay Hunter's father, Sam Rule - bladder cancer

Dennis Bell, pastor of River City Church, fell recently - temporary paralysis

Barbie Bailey - cancer treatments

If you have a Prayer Request, please email us at


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