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FBC Upcoming Events & Prayer Needs 2-24-2022

Deacons Meeting tonight, February 24th at 7pm.

WinterJam, Saturday, February 26th. If you purchased a ticket, please meet at the church at noon. Please eat before you arrive and bring money for food at the coliseum.

FBC T-Shirt Order: Church, we will be taking orders for our FBC t-shirts beginning this Sunday, the 27th. Colors: Black (Thru size large only), Red, Blue Cost: Adult SX-XL: $16; 2XL $17; 3XL $18 You may place your order on-line here. Or you can complete an order form Sunday at the Welcome Desk. Place your completed order form and payment in the envelope and drop in the wooden box. Payment is required at the time order is placed.

Easter Egg Hunt Leadership Meeting, Tuesday, March 1st at 6:30pm in Building A.

Farm Perfect Idea Meeting, Tuesday, March 1st at 7:30pm in Building A

Food Pantry: If you or someone you know needs assistance from our food pantry, please contact Deacon Roger (Ellen) Miller at 336-655-0967. Prayer Requests: Our church Pastor Phillip and his family Associate Pastor Seth Parnell and his family Our Country Our church Elders & Deacons & their families Kid’s Worship – spiritual growth and salvations AWANA – spiritual growth and salvations FUEL - spiritual growth and salvations Our Zambia church ministry Volunteers for our Sunday ministries (Kids Worship, Tech, Children (zero thru preK), Check-In, Security, Tech/Sound Booth) Brian Myers’ sister, Amy – recovery from surgery Freddie Robinson’s dad, Fred – progression of Parkinson’s Sue Hill, Kelly Hill’s mom – “new” chemo treatments for Stage 4 cancer

Karen Courchesne-Fehr – cancer and treatments Parker Bailey – Pray that Parker will be able to ring the bell in March. Ashton Conner’s grandmother – leukemia Pauline Quinn, Greg Quinn’s mom – Stage 4 lung cancer & chemo treatments Steve Ellis – health issues Carl Stolz – health issues Allison Gupton’s grandmother – health issues Dustin Goodson – health issues Lori Courchesne’s mother – heart issues Janet Sunderman – health issues Priscilla Brande – back issues Jalita Eaton – recovery from a broken foot/ankle Josh Gupton’s grandparents – Mary Lou, cancer and his papa is her primary caregiver. Vonda Coy – recovery from knee surgery on the 15th Shelby Sterchi – recovery from shoulder surgery on February 21st Judy Adam’s mother – Hospice has been called in. Pray for added strength and faith during this difficult time.

David Roach (AWANA Missionary) – infant son, Wes, health issues

Heather (Seth) Parnell – safe delivery of their little boy Jimmy Phipps – surgery on March 1st


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