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FBC Upcoming Events & Prayer Needs 12-21-2023


K-5th Christmas Eve Worship Service

If you have a child participating in the service this Sunday the 24th, there is a slight change. Look for an email from Katie Johnson. If you don't receive an email or have questions, Jayne can clarify at the dress rehearsal.

Don't forget about the dress rehearsal this Saturday at 10am. They need to wear ALL PLAIN BLACK and meet Jayne in building C.

Lottie Moon

Lottie Moon was sent as a Southern Baptist missionary to China from 1873 to 1912. She saw firsthand the world’s greatest problem — LOSTNESS. Meeting so many people who had never heard the gospel compelled her to write letters to American churches describing the need for a greater missionary presence. She pleaded for increased prayer and financial support to send and sustain more missionaries. This challenge became known as the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering®.

We will be collecting for the Lottie Moon Offering through the end of December. Please put your offering in a Missions envelope or make a note on the memo line of your check.

Wednesday Night Activities

There will be No Wednesday night activities on December 27th or January 3rd. We will take a break for Christmas and New Year's. All activities will resume on Wednesday, January 10th

The church offices will be closed on December 25th and 26th - Merry Christmas!!


Andy Hamilton's father, Ronald - open heart surgery, December 26th

Carl Stolz - rotator cuff surgery tomorrow, December 22nd

On-Going …

Our Country

Our Military

Pastor, Phillip Brande, and his family

Associate Pastor, Seth Parnell, and his family

Intern, Greyson Snyder

Our church Elders, Deacons, and their families

Children/Youth ministries

Our FBC Zambia ministry

Hope Community Church (formerly Welcome Baptist Church) as they continue to revitalize their church and grow their membership


Individual Prayer Needs …

Lori Courchesne’s mother, Myrna Miller – heart issues and brother, Brian Wrisley – Parkinson’s

Dustin Goodson – health issues

Yvonne (Wes) Holcomb's brother, Matt McKnight - pancreatic cancer

Mr. Bond from Vulcan – cancer

Allison Gupton’s grandmother – vascular dementia

Lindsey Hunter's father, Sam Rule - bladder cancer

Greg Quinn's mother, Pauline - stage 4 lung cancer

Sheila Blanton - cancer

Penny Bell – Stage 5 kidney disease

Megan Melton's mom, Susan - kidney issues

Amanda Seaford’s mom, Jeanette Jewell – cancer

Skip & Sheila Taylor - Skip, throat cancer - Sheila, cancer

Jaclyn Hursery - health issues

Melissa Wilmoth - cancer/health issues

Patrick Hutton's mother - pancreatic cancer

Judy Sparks - inoperable lung cancer

Angie Wooten - cancer

Larry Isom - cancer

Jeff Lagle - heart issues

Linda Holcomb - health issues

Felicia Charles - multiple health issues

Vonda Coy's father, Satch White - pneumonia & other health issues

Lydia Randall - recovery from back surgery

Raflee Robbins - recovery from knee surgery

Peyton & Chase Presnell and their friends, Caleb and Audrina - continued recovery from an accident.

Mary Siebert - her cancer has come back

Cathy Dinghan - cancer

Colby Hargraves - cancer

Hovan family

Randy Davis' father, Richard - moved to Hospice.

Elijah Crotts - teen in the hospital for over 2 weeks with infection, chest tube

Caroline Stolz - cancer

Linda Harper - recovery from surgery for cancer of the esophagus

Randy Vestal - liver transplant.  Pray for complete healing and financial support as he and his wife are having to stay in a hotel in Durham for several weeks.

If you have a Prayer Request, please email us at 


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