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COVID-19 Update and Procedures

I wanted to inform you that a child that attended our 11:00 preschool class this past Sunday tested positive for COVID -19 on Monday, August 3rd. The parents that have children that were in direct contact have been notified directly. As of today, Thursday, August 6th, none of the families including children that were in direct contact have shown any COVID symptoms. In addition to this letter, I will also release a video regarding this situation on Friday or Saturday. Please be on the lookout for a link sent to you by email and/or text.

I want to take this moment to remind everyone what we are doing at the church to help prevent the spread of the virus. These are steps we have been and will continue to take to create a clean, sanitized environment for everyone who enters our doors.

We have increased the distances between the rows in the sanctuary.

With 2 services, we are under the recommended number of people that can meet together.

We have a parking strategy that helps with the flow of people entering and exiting before and after each service. Be sure to follow the directions of the parking attendants.

We are sanitizing the bathrooms periodically throughout both services.

After each service, we sanitize the classrooms the kids are in, the worship center, overflow room and “mask room” before the next group arrives. The sanitizer we use kills 99.9% of viruses within a 10 minute window.

Children that are toddler or preschool age are typically in a separate room for the 9:30 and 11:00 services. We sanitize the rooms, toys, and craft items after each service.

We ask that no one enter the preschool rooms except for the children and volunteers. We are trying to keep these rooms as clean as possible. Book bags are not allowed in the rooms. We have sanitized containers you can place any of your child’s needed items in. Children should be dropped off at the Children’s Check In desk, located in the main lobby, and picked up at their room. Please do not go inside the classroom to pick them up, the adult volunteer will bring them to the door.

Children that are participating in Kids Worship should be dropped off at the back door of the Children’s Worship Center (Building C). They can also be picked up there after the service. Again, we are trying to limit people in that area as well. After the 9:30 service, all items and rooms used are sanitized so that the kids coming at 11:00 are entering a clean environment.

Masks are not required to attend, however, if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please do so. If anyone is uncomfortable being in a room of people that aren’t wearing a mask, we have provided a “mask only room” upstairs in the youth area where the service can be watched.

We will continue to stream the 11:00 service via YouTube for anyone who prefers to stay home.

Here are some suggestions of ways you can help us maintain a sanitary environment:

We do ask that you take your temperature at home, before you come to church. Please stay home if you’re not feeling well or have a fever.

Wash your hands often.

Use hand sanitizer to help during times when you’re not able to wash your hands. We have provided hand sanitizer in various areas of the church for your convenience.

We have attempted to be practical with all of these adjustments. Our goal is to be a cleaner environment than you would typically encounter in other places like Walmart or your local grocery store.

In closing, I want to share some statistics with you for perspective.

As of Thursday, August 6th:

NC has 129,288 confirmed cases. Of those cases 2,050 have passed away. 1167 are hospitalized. It is estimated that over 105,200 have recovered. The total population of NC is 10.4 million.

In Davie County, the total case count since the pandemic began is at 386.

The Davie County Health Department reports that 79 patients have the virus currently, one of which is in the hospital, and 301 have recovered. 6 have passed away. The population of Davie County is 42,846.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. You can email me at or call me at 336-608-8856.

Grace and Peace,

Phillip Brande

Senior Pastor

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