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8 Days of Prayer - Day 6

Each December we have a week of prayer to focus on the needs of our missionaries. We have reached out to the missionaries we support to ask what specific prayer needs they have at this time. Please take a moment each day to pray for them, their families and their ministry.

Day 6: NAM

On day 6 we would ask that you pray for North American Missions. We have the desire to have a missional connect with a local church planter. Our hope is that the Lord will open doors for us to partner with them in the work that needs to be done in the community or minister to a church planting family by simply sending notes of encouragement, sending cards in celebration of birthdays and anniversaries, etc.

Here are a few specific ways that we can be praying for this ministry:

  1. Pray for boldness to share the gospel and open hearts among the people to whom these missionaries speak.

  2. Pray that through the church planting ministry, more people will come to saving faith and live on mission.

  3. Pray for us as we locate a local church planter to begin a partnership with.


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