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8 Days of Prayer - Day 4

Each December we have a week of prayer to focus on the needs of our missionaries. We have reached out to the missionaries we support to ask what specific prayer needs they have at this time. Please take a moment each day to pray for them, their families and their ministry.

Day 4: Awana missionaries, David & Liz Roach

David and Liz Roach serve as our Awana missionaries and serve to support, encourage and equip church leaders across North Carolina. They have been Awana missionaries in Winston Salem since 2010. Prayer requests would be:

  1. The discipleship and salvation of their children (Cora- 11, Jack- 8, Andy- 5, and Wess- 22 months)

  2. For good partnerships with churches and parents to work together to build up lifelong followers of Jesus.

  3. For continued growth in churches using Awana resources to disciple kids. They have had 15 churches start Awana since the summer.

  4. For more Awana missionaries to serve alongside them. They are specifically praying for three more missionaries here in the Carolinas.

If you would like to connect with the Roachs and see their ministry updates, scan this QR code:

If you’d like to send a note of encouragement their address is:

300 E. Sprague St.

Winston Salem, North Carolina 27127


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