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8 Days of Prayer - Day 3

Each December we have a week of prayer to focus on the needs of our missionaries. We have reached out to the missionaries we support to ask what specific prayer needs they have at this time. Please take a moment each day to pray for them, their families and their ministry.

Day 3: India, Raju

Raju is a missionary in India ministering through Life Givers India. Raju prays that the Lord will continue to use this ministry to bring God glory. In addition to this, he has requested prayer for the following specific items:

  1. Many Pastors and churches are being oppressed and persecuted in India. Recently 400 churches were demolished. Pray for safety and strength as they continue to minister to the lost.

  2. They have a Gospel Meeting (Convention)/ Bible School Graduation coming up Feb. 5th-7th. Over 10,000 will be in attendance, both believers and non-believers. Pray for the gospel to be heard.

  3. Dec. 23rd is their Christmas Child Program. Last year they passed out 3,500 blankets. They anticipate many more will be distributed this year. Pray that these children feel the love of Jesus through this ministry.

  4. An immediate need they have is to purchase 2 water buffalo for milking purposes. Pray that the Lord will supply the funds and means to meet this need.

If you would like to send a card or financial support to Raju, clearly mark/designate those items, leave them in a tithe box and the church will forward those items to him.


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