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8 Days of Prayer - Days 1&2

Each December we have a week of prayer to focus on the needs of our missionaries. We have reached out to the missionaries we support to ask what specific prayer needs they have at this time. Please take a moment each day to pray for them, their families and their ministry.

We have included Day 1 & 2 in today's blog.

Day 1: Missionaries to Taiwan, Steven and Cindy Jobert

Steven and Cindy Jobert are IMB missionaries in Taiwan. They have 4 children Abby, Caleb, Cody and Ellie. As we begin our 8 Days of Prayer, we would ask that you pray for the Joberts, their family and the ministry in Taiwan. Here are a couple of specific ways we can be praying for them:

  1. Taiwanese people are held in bondage by ancestor worship. As they have opportunities to share the Gospel, please pray with them that God will open hearts to believe and follow Jesus.

  2. They will be on several University campuses in December sharing the Gospel through the Christmas theme. Many of these students will hear the Gospel for the very first time. Pray that they will see hope in the Gospel.

If you would like to connect with the Joberts and begin receiving their ministry updates, you can email them at If you’d like to send a note of encouragement, their address in Taiwan is:

Steven Jobert 

Siping Rd., lane 238, #300

Bei Tun, Taichung, 


Day 2: Zambia, Michael Sikaonga

Pastor Michael Sikonga pastors five churches in Zambia, Chamukoloka

Baptist Church, Minestone Baptist Church, Shady Grove Baptist Church, Farmington 1 Baptist Church and Farmington 2 Baptist Church.

On day 2 we would ask that you pray for the ministries in Zambia. Pastor Michael has requested prayer for the following specific items:

  1. Farmington 2 Baptist Church is currently gathering under a tree. The foundation for this building has already been dug but they are lacking the funds to complete the church building.

  2. 2 additional financial needs would be for funds to purchase fuel for ministry travel and for funds to be available for three of his children to go to the university in January, 2024.

If you would like to send a card or financial support to Pastor Michael, clearly mark/designate those items, leave them in a tithe box and the church will forward those items to him.


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