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Kids Worship

Kids? We love 'em!


It's really important to teach kids God's Word, and to let them know that living for Christ is exciting. So....we have a worship hour just for kids! A place they can come and get pumped up about Jesus. They will experience energetic worship, games, and learn to embrace God's Word. We call it "fun with purpose."

On a typical Sunday they get introduced to the week’s topic through a game, and then head to their "sanctuary" for worship and a kid-level Bible concept. They split up into smaller groups so they can talk about how the concept they just learned fits into their Monday- Saturday life. Then we get back together as a group and end with a bang - more worship and/or games. Occasionally, we even throw the whole schedule out the window and have a crazy week full of Christ-centered fun.

To find where the children's worship meets, just stop by our information desk as you enter into the church.

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